Product Management

  • Product Strategy:
       -  Identifying market opportunities coordinated with your goals.
       -  Positioning products/product families in the marketplace.
  • Product Roadmaps:
       -  Transforming strategies into reality
       -  Positioning products/product families in the marketplace.
       -  Prioritizing enhancements and setting product milestones
  • Product Design and Specification:
       -  Specifying market requirements, creating MRDs.
       -  Detailing specific functionality of new products/enhancements.
       -  Wire-framing user interfaces to clarify specifics of functionality.
       -  Providing medical review of health content.

Project/Program Management

  • Delivering projects on time and budget.
  • Leading teams across multiple organizations and time zones.
  • Rescuing projects in distress.

Information Architecture and UI Design

  • Designing user interfaces for both B2B and B2C websites.
  • Creating UI (and content) for Rich Internet Applications/Online Web Applications.
  • Focusing on “obviousness of use” by emphasizing “elegant” designs and “real world” user flows.

Product Marketing

  • Developing efficient and effective marketing strategies.
  • Supporting a wide variety of marketing services, including direct mail, PPC, SEO, SEM, PR, email, blog, and social networking.
  • Providing analysis of all marketing approaches; optimizing marketing expenditures to lower and maximize acquisition cost.
  • Creating white paper strategies to address multiple purposes and audiences.
  • Authoring website content and implementing functionality.
  • Creating content and design of product collateral.
  • Developing presentations for sales teams to address multiple audiences including technical influencers, financial deciders, investors, and C-level executives.
  • Creating quick and accurate pricing tools.

IT Systems Analysis

  • Researching and creating consensus within the organization about problem to be addressed, including identifying key assumptions and nuances.
  • Developing business and functional requirements that result in systems and solutions to address organizational needs.
  • Benchmarking the practices of similar organizations to leverage their experiences.
  • Ensuring organizational needs are truly addressed by proposed vendor solutions; beyond the sales pitches and hype.
  • Working with vendors to ensure expectations are met through implementation, training and hand-off phases of project.